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About Trees for Kingwood

Trees for Kingwood, a newly established community group, successfully conducted its inaugural tree planting in November 2022. Collaborating with various community and trails associations, local government, and businesses, the organization is dedicated to the reforestation of the Kingwood area. Employing best practices such as soil amendments and root stimulators, coupled with a meticulous two-year watering plan, the group ensures the optimal establishment of the planted trees. Thanks to generous contributions from community and trails associations, along with trees sourced from the City of Houston, Trees for Kingwood professionally installed approximately 35 medium-sized trees across the service area. Notably, many of these trees beautify the previously bare medians along Woodland Hills Drive, stretching from Ben’s Branch to Kingwood Drive.

Pine tree with christmas ornament

Photos provided by Adriana Rosas Maxwell photography unless otherwise noted.

Trees for Kingwood Committee

Trees for Kingwood Committee exists to facilitate restoring and maintaining a healthy tree habitat in the Kingwood area.